Why Feldenkrais®?

Here are comments from students and clients about their experiences:

“I’m so thankful for Vivian’s expertise and gentle approach to movement/body awareness. She showed me how to be more intuitive and aware of how small adjustments can feel different within the body. I was experiencing lower back discomfort and Vivian’s suggested postural adjustments and stretches have really helped in alleviating the pain. I’m very appreciative of Vivian’s work and would (and have!) recommended her to others looking for increased movement awareness and healing.” -Tasia Y.


“For my first Functional Integration session, I had only a faint idea of what to expect. Vivian’s calm and yet enthusiastic demeanor put me right at ease. I shared with her everything about my body – even the mysterious things. It was so nice to talk about the body like it is the amazing, self-healing and most awesome machine that it is. On the table Vivian helped me reach new sensations and bridged connections within me that revealed myself in a new way to me. I got to take home a very valuable discovery that day. Thank you Vivian for helping me expand!” -Seychelles P.


“Vivian is a miracle worker!  For several weeks I had been experiencing severe pain in my feet from plantar fasciitis which I noticed every time I go from sitting to standing.  After one functional integration session, I was able to stand on my feet totally and completely pain free – like I never even had the pain.  With gentleness, wisdom, curiousity, and a healer’s intuition, Vivian shared simple movements and performed subtle manipulations on my body which left me feeling grounded, calm, taller, and pain free.  Thank you, Vivian!!!” -Patti A.


“When I first went to my first session with Vivian, I knew practically nothing about what Feldenkrais was all about….I have an assortment of limitations…Having suffered an infantile stroke, the left side of my body is less developed than my right. My left leg is shorter…I have constant back pain, …scoliosis, a compressed spine, and arthritis. I also have limited use of my left hand, which functions primarily to hold things put in it.

…After my session with her, I noticed a greater awareness of my left hand, whereas before it was “just there”. I began using my left hand more frequently for picking up things (I always had used my right hand) and for doing things in general…it is more functional than it was before.

….In the next two sessions, …She also helped me to sense and move…to give me a greater awareness of my body. Sensing these things has been helping me to become more aware of how I stand, how I sit, and how I move.

I would highly recommend trying this method for anyone, even if you do not have physical limitations like I do. You will thoroughly enjoy Vivian – besides being a knowledgeable practitioner, she is gentle, intelligent, and a keen listener with a delightful sense of humor.”  -Susan W.


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