Mindful Movement For Moms Class


DECEMBER 6 from 3-4:30PM


In this self-care class, you’ll learn unique, gentle movements designed to help you to accept and love your body, during pregnancy and beyond. Let go of the pain and strain of motherhood and re-connect with yourself through gentle and nourishing movement! Learn ways to make some time for YOU postpartum, and learn to use and move your body in a more intelligent, effective and efficient way! Gain practical tools to alleviate pain and discomfort mindfully! Each class will address individual questions and concerns in an intimate group setting.

Classes are limited to 5 moms! Bring a towel/mat to lie down on. $20/class (Individual sessions also available.)

Contact Vivian at (808)282-0053 — feel free to text! CULTIVATINGPOSSIBILITIES@GMAIL.COM

Vivian Best is a Feldenkrais Practitioner. The Feldenkrais Method has given her relief from pain, and has helped her to empower others to take better care of themselves. She teaches self-aware self-care, and her compassionate guidance has helped instill a sense of pleasure in movement, and bring vitality and ease to her clients.


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